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Below you will find frequently asked questions as well as our general contract / rental and booking conditions.
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Terms and conditions / rental agreement, booking conditions
Valid from 01/01/2021 until revoked

1. Circle, character of our services
The accommodation (including the garden belonging to it, hereinafter: accommodation, accommodation) is not owned by Biró Tours, but is owned by a third party (hereinafter: owner). The Biró Tours is the site that makes the holiday home accessible in the name of the apartment owner for the benefit and at the risk of the apartment owner. Biró Tours concludes an agreement / contract with the apartment owner.
Biró Tours does not sell recreational packages or linked reservations. These reservation conditions only regulate the rental of the accommodation.
Any change to the rental contract is only valid if it is formulated in writing by Biró Tours.
If the tenant (the person making the reservation) decides to buy any additional service or product from the owner, or the tenant any additional service or product not listed in the reservation confirmation – for example tickets to a water park, an amusement park or in any similar facility – is secured, then these supplementary services or products form a separate subject matter of the contract between the renter and the owner or seller of the supplementary service / product and these conditions do not extend to the reservation conditions, which are only the one concluded with Biró Tours Regulate agreement.

2. Arrival, departure, payment
2.1. The arrival and departure days stated on the reservation confirmation sent by Biró Tours are always valid.
2.2. Use of the accommodation is possible from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival at the latest. According to a separate agreement, there is the possibility that the accommodation can be used in earlier hours.
The latest free arrival is possible until 8 p.m. Biró Tours charges an additional fee for arrivals after 8 p.m. The amount of the surcharge is as agreed, but does not exceed the € 30.00 / event fee.
2.3. a) Before the tenant begins his stay in the accommodation, he is obliged to hand over to Biró Tours (in the Sending in advance or handing over on site). Furthermore, the tenant pays the entire price of the accommodation service before the start of the stay in the office of Biró Tours, he receives the documents, information about the surroundings and is accompanied to the accommodation by an employee of the office.
b) Of course, there is also the possibility that the tenant has a look at the accommodation before paying, but in this case too it is necessary to pay the fees for the accommodation service at the Biró Tours office on the day of arrival.
2.4. If no other agreement has been reached between the tenant and Biró Tours, the accommodation must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure at the latest and the keys to the accommodation must be returned to the Biró Tours office.
If the tenant or any guest does not leave the accommodation or its area by 10 a.m., Biró Tours is entitled to charge the tenant a departure fee for the late departure and to have it paid by him, the maximum value of which is € 30.00 / Hour and the lowest unit that can be billed is half an hour, which Biró Tours charges for every half hour started.

3. Accommodation
3.1. Use of the accommodation
In the absence of any other agreement concluded with Biró Tours, the accommodation may only be used for recreational purposes.
It is forbidden to set up tents or to park caravans in the area of ​​the accommodation or next to it.
3.2. Number of guests
Only the tenant and the guest (s) may stay in the accommodation and the property belonging to it at any time.
If there are other people in the accommodation, or if the tenant / guest sets up tents in the area of ​​the accommodation or next to it, or parks caravans or similar vehicles, then Biró Tours is entitled to ask the unregistered persons to leave the accommodation, as well as to pay damages of 150.00 € for a breach of contract.
If you do not comply with the request within 2 hours, the rental contract between the tenant and Biró Tours expires with immediate effect, and all persons staying in the accommodation are obliged to terminate them with immediate effect and without any further request To leave repayment.
3.3. Receiving guests for not the entire rental period
If (a) certain guest (s) does not stay in the accommodation during the entire rental period, the calculation of the price for him (her) develops as follows:
We can receive from one to four nights at a price of 15 € / person / night. For 5 or more nights, the price is calculated from the list belonging to the house.
3.4. Pets and allergies
3.4.1. Some of the accommodations can accommodate pets for an additional charge. The amount of the surcharge is a maximum of 8.00 € / night. If you would like to spend your holiday with your pet, be sure to inform Biró Tours before you make your reservation.
3.4.2. Pets are not allowed in individual accommodations, but neither Biró Tours nor the owner guarantee that a pet was previously in the house or that the owner has no pets. Neither the Biró Tours nor the owner take any responsibility, so they cannot be held responsible for an allergic reaction on the part of the tenant.
In those cases, if in such accommodations, where the accommodation of the pet is not allowed and the guests still accommodate one pet (s) in the accommodation, the Biró Tours is entitled to terminate the rental contract with an immediate termination, as are the Guests are obliged to leave the accommodation with immediate effect and without any further request and reimbursement, as well as to pay Biró Tours a compensation of 150.00 € for a breach of contract.
3.5. Swimming pool
For safety reasons, the tenant is obliged to follow the instructions of the owner or Biró Tour in connection with the use of the swimming pool.
Everyone uses the pool at their own risk, neither Biró Tours nor the owner can be held responsible for any accidents.
Excessive use of the pool is not recommended, and children under 3 years of age are only allowed to use it with a swim diaper. Showering is compulsory before using the pool. It is forbidden to jump into the pool and use soap or shampoo. It is strictly forbidden to let a pet in the pool. Children under the age of 16 may only be in the area around the pool or in the pool under adult supervision.
3.6. Noise pollution
3.6.1. In every accommodation it is necessary to keep the night’s quiet from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the next morning.
3.6.2. Sometimes the tenant and guests may notice an unexpected noise from a building area, street noise, etc. Neither the Biró Tours nor the owner can be held responsible for the unexpected noise.
3.7. Internet
The accommodations to be found in our offer all have internet access.
Internet access is an extra service that the owner ensures.
Neither the Biró Tours nor the owner can be held responsible for the problems of inadequate range and variable data storage capacity and speed, nor do they impose any responsibility, so neither the Biró Tours nor the owner can be responsible for a weak connection, for the overloaded Antenna for which problems in connection with the cable or for other problems in connection with the range or the amount of data are held responsible. You are only allowed to use the Internet connection at your own risk, and using the Internet must not violate the relevant legal regulations.
3.8. Smoke
It is forbidden to smoke, use incense or candles inside the accommodation!
In the case of certain accommodations, smoking outside is also prohibited. This information is known before the reservation is made.

4. Prices and terms of payment
4.1. In the absence of a different provision, the gross prices listed are to be understood in euros (EUR) and can be broken down according to the number of people and the season.
4.2. In the case of a reservation, administration fees are payable with a period of 0-14 days from the date of reservation. If the tenant does not withdraw from the reservation, the administration fees will be deducted from the fees for the accommodation service, the accommodation fees reduced with the administration fees must be paid on arrival in cash or by bank transfer, or before arrival by bank transfer.
4.3. The reservation has immediate legal effect, so the administration fee listed on the booking confirmation can also be obtained from the tenant via legal channels.
4.4. Together with the booking confirmation, the tenant receives the bank details required to pay the administration fee and the payment deadline.

5. Taxes
In the event that the authorities levy taxes or introduce new taxes, Biró Tours is entitled to proportionately increase the rental fee charged to the tenant. Biró Tours is obliged to show evidence of the legality of such a price increase at the request of the tenant.

6. Cancellation, change
A cancellation or change can only be initiated in writing, and it is only valid from the day on which Biró Tours has confirmed this.
6.1. Modification:
6.1.1. It is generally not possible to shorten the duration of the holiday after booking, so the reserved duration must be paid for.
6.1.2. Biró Tours always takes the increase in the number of people into account when making payments.
6.1.3. Rebooking between the accommodations is not possible. If you want to change the reserved accommodation to a different one, the existing booking must be canceled under the cancellation conditions associated with the reservation and a new reservation must be initiated for the new accommodation.
6.1.4. The decrease in the number of people changes the booking amount if Biró Tours is notified in writing at least 1 day before the start of the holiday.
6.1.5. Changing the booking costs 18 € / occasion.
6.2. Cancellation conditions of the Biró Tours (except No. 102 / A, No. 102 / B, No. 102 / C):
“If you cancel the reservation after paying the administration fee, and the amount of the administration fee reaches or exceeds € 225.00, 1/3 of the administration fee will be added to the amount of the later booking, which is due up to 31 . December of the following year, if you cancel the reservation in writing at least 91 calendar days before the date of arrival and the amount to be credited amounts to at least 10% of the total fees for the new reservation.
If you cancel the booking in writing 15-90 calendar days before arrival, the administration fee will not be credited and refunded, but you will not be charged for any further costs.
In the event of a written cancellation 14-8 calendar days before the date of arrival, the administration fee will not be credited, will be paid back and the client is obliged to pay a further 30% of the total accommodation fee to Biró Tours Kft., As forfeit within 2 calendar days after the cancellation to pay.
In the event of a written cancellation within 0-7 calendar days before the date of arrival, the administration fee will not be credited, will be repaid and the client is obliged to pay 70% of the remaining total accommodation fees to Biró Tours Kft., As forfeit within 2 calendar days after Notice to pay.
In the event of failure to terminate in writing and / or if the client does not use the accommodation, the client is obliged to pay the entire accommodation fee as forfeit money to Biró Tours, the payment of which is due on the first day of the reserved duration.
Payment of the administration fee means acceptance of the reservation and cancellation conditions even without a signature. The administration fee is deemed to have been paid when it is credited to the authorized bank account. The transfer costs to the authorized bank account are charged to the client.
With the order – reservation – the client acknowledges the terms and conditions and accepts that he has the obligation to pay the processing fee. ”

7. Costs for electricity and water consumption as well as heating, surcharges
7.1. The fee for electricity and water consumption always includes the cost of the accommodation.
7.2. We can generally secure heating for an additional charge. This is either a specific amount (€ / day or € / stay) or it is based on reading the gas meter. We will inform the tenant in advance of the cost of heating in the price offer.
7.3. Biró Tours is entitled to charge surcharges for heating (i), for a short stay (ii), for other (iii). The type and amount of the surcharge will always be announced when the price offer is made.

8. Cleaning
Guests can take possession of the accommodation (outdoor and indoor areas, garden) in a clean condition. The accommodation fee includes a weekly change of bed linen and a final cleaning fee. We ask you to pay attention to the order and cleanliness.
The fact that the final cleaning is not a burden for the tenant does not release the tenant from the obligation to wash the dishes, empty the refrigerator, clean the oven and the grill outdoors, take out the rubbish and tidy up before departure Leaves dirt behind (pet’s hair on bedding, dirty walls, etc.). In the case of extreme dirt, the tenant is obliged to pay the Biró Tours compensation for a breach of contract. The amount of the compensation, which may not exceed € 120.00, is determined in any case by Biró Tours according to its own insight, which the tenant and the guests are obliged to take note of and accept.

9. Furnishings, damage caused, keys
9.1. The tenant is obliged to treat the rented property in a responsible manner and he is obliged to hand it over in the same condition in which he took it over.
9.2. The tenant is responsible for the damage caused to the accommodation and / or its facilities / furniture / household machines or systems during the rental period by the tenant or the guests. The tenant is obliged to report the damage (s) incurred to Biró Tours immediately and to pay them proportionally.
9.3. In no case does Biró Tours bear the costs of repairing the damage.
9.4. During the rental period, the owner can carry out an inspection of the rented property, in the course of which any defects or damage that may have occurred will be determined.
9.5. An electrical device (s) (hotplate, oil radiator, fan, mobile air conditioning, etc.) and a basin can only be taken into the accommodation on the basis of a prior discussion.
9.6. In the event that the keys handed over are lost, the guests are obliged to report this to Biró Tours immediately and to reimburse the owner for the price or the change of lock.

10. Deposit
10.1. The deposit is a kind of guarantee for the owner in the event that the tenant or guest (s) have caused damage to the property.
10.2. The amount of the deposit will generally be announced in connection with the given accommodation prior to the reservation.
10.3. Biró Tours reserves the right to ask the tenant for a deposit when handing over the keys, even if this has not been announced in advance. In this situation, the amount of the deposit must not exceed 150 euros or 52,500 HUF.

11. Defects, complaints
11.1. If the tenant or the guest (the guests) notice signs of insufficient cleaning, damage or deficiencies when taking over the accommodation, then they must lodge a complaint with Biró Tours, as we will otherwise take care of the accommodation is problem-free and the tenant loses the right to lodge a complaint about the problem.
Complaints in connection with cleaning must be reported immediately after occupying the accommodation, but no more than 2 hours. Complaints related to the damage or defects must also be reported as soon as possible, but at the latest after taking up the accommodation and / or within 24 hours after the defect / damage has been discovered. The complaints must be reported to Biró Tours at one of the telephone numbers +36309297883 or +3683348936 or by email at birotours@birotours.hu If you would like to contact Biró Tours outside of normal working hours, you can do so on +36309297883.
11.2. The tenant must endeavor not to complicate the damage, deficiency or the situation, and he must help to minimize the loss of the Biró Tour and the owner.
In the event of submitting a complaint, the tenant ensures that Biró Tours has a reasonable time frame to sort out the defect or damage.
11.3. The tenant can leave the accommodation without prior agreement at his own responsibility and expense before the end of the rental period.
11.4. Biró Tours reserves the right to resolve any complaint by moving the tenant or guest (s) to accommodation of a similar price range and quality. Biró Tours can make this decision based on its own understanding.
11.5. The tenant runs the risk of losing the right to compensation or a price reduction if he does not enable Biró Tours to repair the damage or if he clearly refuses to move to another accommodation.

12. Biró Tours, as an intermediary
The property is not owned by Biró Tours, it belongs to the owner. The Biró Tours is the side that makes the holiday home accessible on behalf of the owner for the benefit and at the risk of the owner. If, contrary to Biró Tours’ expectations, a reservation cannot be fulfilled due to reasons beyond the authority of Biró Tours – for example, a sale due to a judicial provision or breach of contract by the owner, or for any similar reason – then this is it Biró Tours is entitled to cancel the reservation, but the administration fees / accommodation fees already paid by the tenant to Biró Tours will be refunded by Biró Tours immediately. But as another option, Biró Tours is entitled, according to its understanding, to recommend similar accommodation in the same area, for the same price or less, to the tenant.

13. Force majeure, extraordinary events
13.1. If the rental of the accommodation is due to force majeure – e.g. war, natural disasters, environmental pollution disasters, drought or any other extraordinary weather phenomenon, pandemic, closing of borders, traffic situation, suspension of foreign exchange / currency trading, cessation of work, exclusion or any other event of force majeure – becomes impossible, which was not apparent in advance when the contract was concluded, then Biró Tours is entitled to terminate the contract, as Biró Tours cannot be held responsible for the above events.
In the event of force majeure, Biró Tours is entitled to withhold the amounts already paid by the tenant.
13.2. Neither the Biró Tours nor the owner can be held responsible for any change in circumstances related to the accommodation, just as the Biró Tours and the owner cannot be held responsible if, for example, the value is due to the pleasure of relaxation Any road construction or construction carried out in the vicinity of the holiday home, the closing of shops, etc. will decrease, including due to changes in opening times, changes in swimming opportunities, the fishing ban, changes in weather conditions (e.g. forest fire, flood, water shortage, etc.)
13.3. Neither Biró Tours nor the owner can be held responsible for insect infections affecting the accommodation or property, and neither Biró Tours nor the owner are responsible for the property of the tenant and guests.

14. Further information
14.1. The possibility of using the accommodations depends on their availability.
14.2. Biró Tours lists all the information contained in its information sheet and on its website as precisely as possible. As the accommodations are privately owned, changes may occur in the information provided, but these changes will not have a negative impact on the accommodation. Biró Tours is not responsible for such changes.
14.3. The current rental agreement / the current reservation conditions are valid for bookings made after July 1, 2020 until you withdraw.
Biró Tours reserves the right to change the booking conditions from time to time. The changed reservation conditions will be published on his website.
14.4. The use of the information or websites for business purposes – including the reproduction of part or the whole – is prohibited in the sense of the applicable legal norms.
14.5. The parties try to settle the issues in a peaceful way, in the event of a trial they submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Zala county court.